Sony viao - Windows 8 brightness issue solved

This post describes an easy method to solve the issue related to the 'display brightness auto-adjust' function in Windows 8 loaded Sony viao laptops.

The issue:
-The display brightness dims to 5% automatically within seconds, even if it is set to dim after 10 minutes.
-Changing/disabling the adaptive brighness in Windows 8 (as mentioned by howtogeek) could not solve the issue.

The solution (laptop used: Sony viao SVS1312 series):
1. Go to VIAO apps and click on the VIAO control center (if you are on the desktop, bring the cursor on the left-bottom corner for 'star' option where you can find the VIAO control center thumbnail)
2. In the VIAO control center, click on the 'Image Quality' menu and find the 'Display Brightness' option
3. Click on the 'Display Brightness' button from 'on' to 'off' (the green colour will change to grey)

That's it. Now you can adjust the screen brightness by clicking on the battery icon on the system tray and adjusting the values.
Write your comments if these steps did not work for you.

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