Bug fix for G'MIC in windows 8 64bit

I heard about G'MIC while watching some GIMP tutorials in youtube. Obviously the next aim was to install this amazing plug-in, which gives you 100+ effects to an image. Although my computer is a 64 bit one, I first installed the 32 bit installation from the G'MIC official download. Installation was straight forward, but later when I opened GIMP, it gave an error message saying 'libwinpthread-1.dll' is missing. Because of this, the G'MIC was not loading in GIMP. Then I also unzipped the dll files provided in the gmic_1.5.9.3_win64.zip
But no change in the error message. A similar problem was reported in Gimp Chat, by linuxito with a 64 bit windows 7 case.
With that solution I tried renaming the (copy of)'libpthread-2.dll', which was installed in the plugin folder. This solved the problem. I've made a video of the solution for clarity. Hope it helps someone.

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